I recently purchased a certified refurbished Phillips air fryer at an amazing price. I was simply blown away by the quality of this product and how well it cooked some of my favorite foods! This morning I decided to let Mum give a try and as I was bringing it to the car I managed to drop the tray and broke the handle. I was so sad. I decided to take my chances and reach out to the good people at Electro Tech. I was very surprised when my call was answered by a real person on the first ring. Linda was so kind and committed to helping me. She followed up with the warehouse and in just a few minutes located me a replacement handle. Given it was my fault I was expecting to pay but when I asked how much she said no charge and even offered to have someone deliver it to a nearby retailer or let me come to the warehouse to pick it up. Thank you for your excellent service and I look forward to purchasing more of your great items soon!
Excellent customer service, we always bring our espresso machine here to repair, clean or maintain. And fast service too, thank you!
Fantastic Service, and products
Excellent service. Clean and well presented store. Qualified staff who take the time to explain the operation of the coffee maker. A bit pricey, but that seems normal, given the complexity of these devices.
Very nice people very knowledgeable very good service.

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